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Need To Get Rid of Mosquitoes?

Getting rid of Mosquitoes

The stage is set for you to enjoy an evening outside. You’ve got the cooler filled with your favorite drinks, the umbrella lights are twinkling and you’ve got the music on to help set the mood. You’re ready to enjoy the night when you hear that faint little buzz. Before you know it, the biting of mosquitoes has driven you right back inside. Blue Chip Exterminating of Fenton, Missouri, is happy to treat your yard to help provide you with relief, but there are also some steps you can take at home to control these pests and keep them away.

Pest Control

Start with the Basics
Mosquito control begins by checking your backyard for standing water. It won’t always be as obvious as a spare tire laying around. It could be a clogged gutter, a leaking air conditioner that’s pooling or your kid’s sand bucket that’s standing upright. Walk around the yard and look everywhere for potential sources of standing water.

Fish for the Pond
If you have a pond, then fish are your best form of pest control. It’s a natural solution that will help keep the pond health and provide you with the best mosquito control method. Put bat houses around your property. The bats will eat the mosquitoes to help you remain safe at night. You should also minimize the vegetation in any ponds to let the sun reach the water and further deter mosquitoes.

Protect the Birdbath
You may have areas of standing water that you don’t want to eliminate, like bird baths and some decorative statuary. If possible, choose statuary that features a fountain or waterfall to stop mosquitos from laying their larvae in the water. You can also put special Mosquito Dunks in the water. These wood pulp rings are impregnated with a chemical that kills mosquito larvae without harming other animals or plants.

Dress Appropriately
You can use pest control measures around your property, but you cannot control what your neighbors do. Mosquitos will wander, so you can also put mosquito control measures in place on your own patio. Pick up a few thin cotton jackets and long pants that you can wear outside even when it’s hot. The thin layer will keep the bugs off you without making you feel overheated. Wear light colors and even white to make yourself less appealing to the flying insects.

Fogging for Pest Control
You may have bug zappers in place, but these are detrimental to other animals as well as mosquitos. In addition to killing the biting insects, they also kill off insects that we need. In fact, research shows that the light does draw mosquitos into your yard, but they then follow carbon dioxide to land on you. A better option for mosquito control is a treatment of areas that mosquitoes will hide on during the day.  A proper treatment by Blue Chip Pest Control will drastically reduce the level of mosquitos in and around your property.

You can enjoy your outdoor living space this year when you know what changes to make. In addition to better protecting yourself with the right clothing, make sure that your yard is not appealing to this little vampires by keeping the standing water away. With our services and the right pest control methods, you can once again set the stage and enjoy an evening under the stars.

Staying Protected Throughout The Season

Stay Protected

Pest control Chesterfield companies stay busy during the summer because mosquitos are prevalent during this time of year. Most of us already know how to protect ourselves from mosquitos. Using citronella candles, bug spray and staying indoors after dark are some of the basic mosquito control tips. However, there are some additional mosquito control tips that you will need this summer.

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The Asian tiger mosquito, which is a type of mosquito that has been around for many years, has recently invaded the United States. This mosquito has been bringing diseases along with it. The Asian tiger mosquito is a little more aggressive than your typical mosquito. It has white and black stripes. The Asian tiger mosquito can very easily dodge your swats. They will continue to feed even after you have swatted them. It is very easy for these bites to go unnoticed because they are not painful.

The Asian tiger mosquito is not more dangerous than any other type of mosquito. However, the reason that this particular mosquito is a cause for concern is because it can spread diseases. There has recently been an outbreak of a joint and muscle pain disease called chikungunya. It has been spreading throughout the Caribbean, and it could very easily spread to the United States.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to protect yourself and family members throughout the summer. Below are some mosquito control tips:

Get Rid Of Standing Water

This is one of the key mosquito control tips. Mosquitos lay their eggs inside of water. The Asian tiger mosquito does not require a lot of water to lay eggs. That is why you will need to make sure that anything that holds standing water be emptied frequently. This include things such as gutters, flower pots and wheelbarrows. Make sure that pet bowls and bird baths are cleaned frequently also.

Mosquito Dunks

You should consider using mosquito dunks if you have a creek, pond or other body of your water near your home. Mosquito dunks have a bacteria that destroy larvae. This helps prevent the mosquito population from growing. Mosquito dunks do not harm animals or organisms in the water.

Fog Product Or Fogging System

A fog product or fogging system can help drastically cut mosquito populations. You will be able to spend more time outside and less time worrying about mosquitos.

If mosquitos are still a problem, then you should consider calling a pest control Chesterfield company. Professional pest control Chesterfield is more effective than trying to take care of the problem yourself. Blue Chip Exterminating is based out of Fenton Missouri. This pest control Chesterfield company offers a variety of services.

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