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Three Signs That You Need Mole Treatment for Your Yard

You probably don’t think about moles much—you rarely see them, and they tunnel underground, so they’re hard to spot. But one mole can do an enormous amount of damage to your yard in just a short time. You likely don’t just have one mole either . . . you probably have more. Moles have their offspring in the spring, so by the summer time, you could be surrounded by several little eating machines.

Do You Have Moles?

First, you should try to determine if you have moles living in and feasting on your yard. Moles eat earthworms and insect larvae and can tunnel nearly 100 feet EVERY DAY in search of their food. No wonder they can reduce your yards to a bunch of holes!

  • The most visible sign of moles are piles of dirt that are triangular, much like a volcano. (If the piles of dirt are C-shaped, that’s a gopher, not a mole.)
  • There may also be tunnels in your yard that you can spot on the surface of the grass. Most people think that moles mostly burrow deep underground, and they do, but most of those tunnels are used for traveling from one place to another. Shallow tunnels that you’re likely to see above ground are used by moles for eating worms.
  • Near these tunnels, your plants may be dying. That’s because the mole is looking for worms and larvae, which may be near or attached to a plant’s root system. When the mole starts digging around, it can separate the root system from the ground’s nutrients, causing the plant to die.

There are half a dozen of mole species in North America, and they’re all quite destructive, since they can eat up to 100 percent of their body weight in just one day. If you find several different molehills have been created only overnight, there’s a good chance you have more than one mole destroying your property.

There’s good news, though: Most moles do not enter people’s homes, because they aren’t used to traveling on hard surfaces, like a garage or basement floor (plus, their food supply is outside).

If you suspect that your St. Louis home has moles, Blue Chip Pest Control will come out to your home and inspect your yard, and then will visit every other month to trap and treat for moles until they are gone. Blue Chip will eliminate your mole problem so that you can enjoy your yard again.


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