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Protect Your Pool from Mosquitos

Mosquito Protection

It’s that time of year again when we’re dreaming of that dip in the pool! After a long winter, homeowners everywhere are more than ready to relax outdoors, barbecue and let off some steam.

Pest Control

But, those darn mosquitos!

So, how do you protect your backyard from mosquitos so that you don’t have to limit your outdoor time? If you have ivy, bamboo, or standing water—such as a pool or fountain—you guessed it, you’re a prime candidate for needing help with mosquito control. But you probably already know that.

Here’s what we recommend. An automated mosquito misting system. By installing this system in your backyard, pest control will be kept to a minimum. You’ll find yourself venturing outdoors more—at all times of day and night—without the worry of being eaten alive.

And remember pool owners, regardless of what you decide for pest control this summer, constant supervision of children is key. Drowning can occur in a matter of seconds, so always dedicate at least one adult to being the “watcher” around the pool. And children should never swim unattended.

Also, make it a practice to keep children within a reasonable reach at all times. Use floatable baby seats, rings, noodles, vests, and other flotation devices, but always been within an arm’s reach.

Don’t overestimate your child’s swimming abilities. And be aware of which neighbors and friends of your children have pools in their backyards. You should install a safety fence, self-latching gate, anti-entrapment drain covers, and pool alarms.

We want your children and family to be safe poolside from water hazards as well as the threat of bugs and mosquitoes. Don’t let pests affect or limit your backyard fun. Call us today for a quote on your automated mosquito misting system.


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