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Voles – One Of The Most Prolific Yard Rodents

Do you have Voles in your yard?  No, I’m not taking about Moles, its Voles with a “V”.  Voles are rodents that are also called Meadow mice. Voles love to burrow in and around your home planter beds.  The make small broom sized holes that they use for feeding and for their homes.  They will feed on a variety of insects, seeds and roots.  What makes them such a nuisance around your plants is they will burrow under the plant to feed on the bulb or roots of the plant causing it to die.  Other ways you can tell if you have Voles in your yard is to look for their surface runs.  They will graze away all the grass in the pathways leaving a bare path.

Controlling a Vole problem can be done using a variety of methods that includes burrow baiting with a rodenticide, using exterior bait station, or simply putting a snap trap in the surface run and letting the Vole run right into the trap.

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