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Three Easy Steps to Office Pest Control

Houses aren’t the only places that have pest problems—office buildings do also. Offices have pest problems because bugs and small animals are always:

  • Looking for shelter
  • Looking for food
  • Looking for water

As far as pests are concerned, an office building is just as hospitable as a home.

Common Office Pests

Many pests are bugs, which can easily fly into your building every time a door is opened. They find the conditions to be temperate, and make their way to office kitchens and cafeterias. The most common pests in an office are:

  • Gnats: Plants that are holding too much water in their pots can attract gnats.
  • Beetles: Beetles are looking for a hospitable environment in which to lay their eggs, including in crackers and cereal.
  • Fruit Flies: These flies are attracted to fruit such as bananas and apples and are also found near sugary liquids like soda pop and iced tea.
  • Cockroaches. Most buildings, unfortunately, have cockroaches. If you see them, they’re likely looking for food.
  • Ants. During the summer, many ants are well into building nests and creating infestations. You’ll see them when the weather becomes nice and when there’s been too rain, forcing them inside for food.
  • Rodents. Rats and mice can fit into nearly any space—mice, in fact, can fit into a building by squeezing through a dime-sized hole. They carry disease and will eat just about anything.

Prevent Office Pests

Building management and building employees will need to work together to control and eliminate any pest problems or infestations.

  • Ask all office workers to keep a clean workplace. Ask everyone to store food properly and to throw away any unwanted or uneaten food every day that attracts bugs and rodents. If office space is clean, that will go a very long way towards reducing the chance of pests finding food.
  • Empty garbage every day. Rats and mice nest in paper, and most offices are a rich source of printer paper or newspapers. Emptying the trash every night forces rodents to find a different place to settle into.
  • Inspect large food deliveries. If your office receives food deliveries for the cafeteria, be sure to monitor the boxes that it comes in. It’s not unusual for bugs to nest in items like flour and sugar.

If your St. Louis office space is infested with bugs or rodents, it’s time to call a professional pest control company like Blue Chip. We know how to find nests, control the perimeter of buildings to reduce the likelihood of pests entering your building, and treating your building for any pest problems that are out of control.  Call us today for a consultation.


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