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It’s easy to tell when an ant infestation is in the making. You’ll see a line of them marching in single file across your kitchen counter or floor, following their invisible scent trails, struggling to carry crumbs back to the nest. You’ll see tell-tale dirt mounds outdoors, marking the spot where the colony lies. Either way, it’s clear they’re not concerned by the giant human who’s watching them work. Ants have an singular sense of purpose, and that purpose is to feed and build their community.

For some homeowners, an ant infestation may be annual and brief. For others, they’re a home or yard invasion that lasts all year, causing a nuisance at the least and property damage at the most. It’s very likely that you may need pest control services to take care of the problem.

Missouri is home to a great number of ant species. Most common are red, black and winged carpenter ants, field ants, and the dreaded odorous house ant! All of these diverse species have a common theme. They are intelligent, determined, colony-minded and very strong for their size.


Carpenter Ants

Whether they’re red, black, crawling on the ground or flying in swarms, these ants are big. None of the carpenter ant species actually eat or digest wood, but before you exhale a sigh of relief, know that a carpenter ant infestation usually occurs anywhere that decayed or rotting wood is found, indoors or out. Indoors, these infestations can be mistaken for termites, another insect that plagues Missouri homes. Outdoors, they’ll nest in a hollow tree or an old fencepost, a poorly maintained outbuilding, or in a pile of unused firewood.

Field Ants

Very similar to carpenter ants, these guys don’t often come indoors. When they do, they’re on the hunt for sweets, a sure sign that their usual source of food, honeydew from aphids, is absent. Outdoors, you may see traces of an anthill in the cracks of a sidewalk. Though it looks small from above, the colony below the concrete slab may be several feet deep and wide, a testament to the work ethic of this proliferating insect. This is definitely a case for pest control to be made, especially with a large ant infestation.

Odorous House Ants

These ants are small, and they are also the most common house ant in Missouri. True to their name, they emit a bitter odor when stepped on. They like warm, damp areas and will even nest near sinks and cabinets. This type of ant is omnivorous and will eat anything from cupcakes to hamburger.

Do You Need Pest Control?

In Fenton, Missouri and surrounding communities, Blue Chip Exterminating offers pest control services that are prompt, professional and effective. We know the habits of every type of ant found in our state. We’ll find and remove their nests, and help you prevent ants from returning. Your peace of mind is important to us, so give us a call and we’ll help you restore it!


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