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How To Know if You Have Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Lots of people think that things like bed bugs only happen to people who live in Third World countries. However, people here in this country are exposed to bed bugs every day. These annoying little critters can show up anywhere, and people who have experienced bed bug bites know just how horrible they can be. However, not every insect bite you suffer in your sleep is a bed bug bite. Here is a guide to help people identify if they have bed bugs that need to be eradicated by an exterminator that is expert in pest control.

Examine the Bites

The first time that most people realize that they have bed bugs is when they suffer from their bites at night. If you wake up in the morning with bites, you need to examine them closely. The bites will be red, itchy and inflamed. Unlike many other insect bites, bed bug bites often have a distinctive pattern. Instead of being all over in a random pattern, the bites will instead usually appear in a straight line. Also, the bites are usually made on the arms and shoulders. Seeing bites that match these distinctive signs are a very good sign that you need to hire an exterminator.

Look for Signs of the Vermin

Not everyone will always have noticeable marks when they get attacked by these bloodsuckers, but their presence can still be detected even without the distinctive bite marks. One of the best ways to determine the presence of these insects is to see dark spots or red stains on your sheets. The red spots are the blood from that comes out of your body as the creatures feed at night, and the dark spots can be dried blood, feces, eggs or the dead bugs themselves.

If you see these signs of the vermin on your sheets, then you need to get ahold of a pest control expert that can take a look at the damage. An exterminator from a quality pest control team like Blue Chip Exterminating in Fenton, MO will be able to quickly determine whether you have a bed bug infestation or not. If you do, then they will be able to use their expert methods to remove the critters completely and permanently.

Hunt the Bloodsuckers

If you want to turn the tables on these awful parasites, then you can actually hunt for them at night. These bugs always come out at night when people are asleep, which means that you will need to stay up late or set an alarm. The best time to catch them is an hour before dawn. Keep the lights off and wait for movement on the sheets. Once this happens, shine a flashlight at the movement to catch them in the act.

Once you are sure you have bed bugs, don’t hesitate to call the pest control experts at Blue Chip Exterminating in Fenton, MO. A talented exterminator will be dispatched to quickly rid your home of bed bugs or any other vermin that invade it.


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