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Where Do MOLES Go When It Gets Cold

Where do moles go when it gets cold outside? In the St. Louis region, no where, they just go where the cold isn’t.  And since they live below the surface of your yard, they can only go one direction, down.  This is very easy for moles to do since they already have main (permanent) tunnels located deep below the surface. That is how they can easy pop up in different parts of your yard without making any surface damage from one spot to another.


As it gets colder, insects that they feed on also tend to dig down deeper, somewhere below the frost line. And since moles stay active all winter long, they need to go where the food is.

The colder weather also makes it harder for you to control mole activity.  Since the insects are moving downward, moles will not find as many insects as they would like, so they tend not to return to a newly dug feeder run in your yard like they would during warmer months. This doesn’t mean you can’t get them, it just means you need to have more patience.

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