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Unwanted Houseguests

Do you have bird feeders up close to your house? If you do, you might be inviting an unwanted guest into your home.  What am I talking about? Squirrels of course.  I know some people like to feed squirrels and like to watch their playful activities in the backyard. But now that it is getting colder outside, some of those playful squirrels may have eyes on your home for the winter.


Squirrels only need an opening about the size of a fist or baseball.  Once they have found their way into your home, they will have no problem living their as long as you let them.  Unfortunately, they can cause major issues that include bring in pests such as fleas, or filling you house with nuts that may attract other pests such as rodents, and cause structural damage and maybe even a fire by gnawing on wires in the wall.  To prevent this from happening, perform a visual inspection of your home on a regular basis.  Repair any access points as soon as they are found. Also, move the your bird feeders away from  your house.  This will keep all kinds of unwanted house guest from your home.

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