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Preventative Measures: Simple Tricks to Prevent Pest Infestations

No matter the time of year, it can be difficult to keep bugs and other pests from building nests and invading your home. Whether you live in an apartment or an older home, bugs can creep in unseen and cause a lot of damage before you even notice. Practicing good pest prevention can go a long way toward keeping your property safe and loved ones safe. Here are some simple tips on effective pest control.


Store Food Properly

Effective pest prevention begins with making your home less attractive to insects and other vermin. Unsealed food such as leftovers and cut fruit will draw in ants in particular who enjoy a steady access to unattended food. Wrap leftovers tightly and store them inside the fridge or in your pantry to prevent spoiling, and discard any food that’s been sitting out long enough to attract bugs.

Check for Gaps and Cracks

Bugs can squeeze through even the tiniest of cracks in your baseboards and floors. Inspect your seals and the spaces surrounding large openings to ensure they’re closed off to outdoor visitors. Don’t underestimate an insect’s size or ability to fit through a miniscule space. Take extra precaution and reinforce the seals for proper pest control.

Wipe Up Excess Water

You’re more likely to find cockroaches in the kitchen and bathroom because these insects constantly look for water sources. One way to achieve good pest prevention is to mop up excess water and check for occasional leaks. After a heavy rain or storm, make sure that the areas which receive excess water are thoroughly dry to prevent insects from invading.

Clear Up Nooks and Crannies

When cleaning the house, it can be tempting to ignore small nooks and crannies because no one will ever see them. In reality, spiders and other pests love dark and musty corners. To maintain active pest prevention, clear away the cobwebs from time to time and check small places around your home for bugs. Wiping down small spaces will go a long way toward effective pest control.

Maintain Outdoor Foliage

Do you keep an outdoor garden or flowers near your windowsills? These areas may attract extra attention from an unintended audience. Wasps and ants are drawn to brightly colored plants, and insects may start building nests near unattended flora. Check your outdoor garden and windowsills and keep them well-maintained to prevent bugs from setting up shop in your flower beds.

Consult a Professional

If you discover an influx of pests and can’t get rid of them, then you may need to call an expert. The friendly professionals at Blue Chip Pest Control in St. Louis, MO can help guide you in the right direction when it comes to DIY pest prevention. In addition to providing you with tips on effective prevention, they also offer a wide variety of pest control services to keep your home and family safe from infestations. Maintaining your home and utilizing the help of knowledgeable professionals will help safeguard your property against unwanted visitors all year long.


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