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Pest Control Products Every Home Should Have

Everyone has to deal with pests. We cannot get rid of them completely, so we must be able to strike a balance between maintaining a critter-free household and keeping ourselves and our pets safe from harmful chemicals. In order to make our homes an uninviting place for ants, mice, roaches, and termites, preventative maintenance and the use of reliable pest control products is key. If the situation gets out of hand, calling on the services of a professional exterminator may be necessary.

Keeping The Home Clean


Pest control begins with cleanliness. Ants, roaches, and other insects are attracted to food particles and odor residues. They use small entry points to gain access to the home’s interior, and they quickly learn where the best food gathering places are located. It is imperative that food spills be cleaned up immediately, and all grease and grime removed from surfaces.

Bleach is the best weapon against lingering food odors. Vacuuming the carpets often is recommended and will remove odors that settle down from the room air. Remember that most insects, particularly roaches, will build a colony nest in a dark, warm, humid area. Caulking up small holes and keeping dust from accumulating in cabinetry will reduce the chances that insects will find a suitable nesting site. An exterminator can easily find entry points and seal them off permanently.

Choose The Proper Control Products

There are several pest control products every home should have. These are inexpensive, and when used correctly, pest control becomes a much easier job. Insecticide sprays can be used near baseboard, near the water heater, and even in the attic. Choose products that have minimal odors and remember to wear rubber gloves when spraying.


Lawn care products not only kill unwanted pests in your yard, they greatly reduce the chances that these critters will locate an entry point into your home. Granular insecticides are best used in the springtime when the lawn and other foliage is beginning its peak growing period.

If your cat or dog spends time outdoors, fleas and ticks are sure to get a free ride. To keep these pests from multiplying, rid your pet of them completely by using a deterrent recommended by your veterinarian. Tablets and sprays are more efficient pest control products than are specialized flea collars.

Prevention tools for rodents and termites can be installed by a professional exterminator around the perimeter of your home’s foundation. One of the more effective methods of pest control, these bait stations and monitoring units help the professional exterminator locate the most likely points of entry. They also steer ants and termites away from the foundation and exterior walls of the home.

Professional Help Is Available

Quite often, homeowners do not realize they have a problem until an infestation is already underway. This is especially true when it comes to roaches and termites. A complete pest control and elimination operation may be necessary if the central nest cannot be located and destroyed.

Even with the use of modern pest control products, the best method of removing these unwanted guests from your home is to choose an experienced exterminator who knows exactly where to find the colony nest and destroy it. Blue Chip Pest Control services the greater St. Louis, MO area and offers residents complete pest elimination as well as preventative maintenance procedures.


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