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Having a pest infestation in your home or business is something that no one wants to deal with. From rats to insects, pests can be both annoying and unhealthy for the environment. Unfortunately, despite their efforts of pest control, many people still end up with an infestation. When this happens, the best thing to do is to contact an exterminator. In St. Louis MO, call Blue Chip Pest Control for the best service. We have trained exterminators who have access to the best equipment used to eliminate indoor pests. Our professional pest control will exterminate the infestation and show you how to prevent a future problem. Once the pests are already inside your home, getting rid of them from the inside out is the best option.


The insides of homes are ideal living and breeding conditions for many types of pests. Your house is warm, dry, and usually filled with all the food and water they will ever need. When you seek professional pest control, your exterminator will be able to locate where the nest is inside your home and where they were able to initially enter your home from. This way they will be able to both exterminate the pests already inside, and prevent future ones from entering. The pests already inside the building will be killed during the extermination, but preventing future infestations will come down to you.

If you use, professional pest control there are several things that the exterminator will probably ask you to do to help prevent the pests from returning. Any food that is easily accessible (such as dog or cat food) will need to be stored in secure plastic containers away from where the infestation is located. If possible, shutting off the water supply to that area will also help to keep them away. When the exterminator discovers where the pests are entering your home from, you will need to seal off any cracks in your cabinets or baseboards around those areas.

Once the inside of your home is secure, there are additional things that you can do to the outside of your home or business to decrease the likelihood of another infestation. If you have a lot of birds that nest around your roof, you should consider putting up half-inch galvanized wire mesh to discourage them from nesting there in the future. Many insects are attracted to old bird nests, so eliminating them will decrease the number of insects. It is also a good idea to plant pest-repelling vegetation near the areas where you know pests are likely to enter your home. And it also does not hurt to apply some environmentally-friendly pesticides around the outside of your house to help with the pest control.

Using professional pest control in combination with inside out preventative measures is the best way to eliminate pests from your home forever. If you are unfamiliar with pest control methods, the exterminator will be able to help you with all the necessary steps to protecting your home. Hopefully, your first pest infestation will also be you last one.


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