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8 Things You Need To Know About Pest Control

While it is not uncommon to spot pests in your home, it is important to deal with the problem quickly and effectively. In St. Louis MO, Blue Chip Pest Control is known for their excellence and efficiency in pest removal and bug spraying. They have the tools and the expertise deal with your extermination issues in a direct and safe manner. If you considering an exterminator, here are eight things that you need to know about pest control.


1. Exterminators are experienced and knowledgeable
A professional exterminator has the tools and the training to deal with the pests that plague our homes. They are up-to-date on the safest and most reliable methods of the various types of pests and how to eliminate them completely in a manner that is both effective and safe.

2. Specialized service
Your home is your sanctuary as well as an investment. So by time you spot a pest, chances are they have taken root in your home with the intentions of remaining there, and even multiplying. A professional exterminator helps you to take back your home, creating a pest control plans that are specific to the needs of your home. They consider the type of pest, the level of infestation as well as long-term prevention. A professional exterminator will also continue to monitor your home, keeping you up to date on specific areas of treatment as well as improvement.

3. Convenience
While it may seem simpler to treat the pests yourself, it can turn into a hassle, not to mention costly, to run back and forth trying to find the right solution to control your infestation, especially if it returns. Professional exterminators will work with you to treat your pest control problem at a time that fits into your schedule, including any follow up visits.

4. Safety
A professional exterminator has knowledge of the latest and best products that are specific to certain pests. The pesticides used by professional pest control companies are regulated for consumer use, taking into account safety issues. A professional knows exactly what to use, as well as how much to use.

5. Risks
Taking on a nest of bees or wasps, or even a mouse infestation carries a unique set of risks. Bees and wasps swarm and attack when threatened, and mice scatter, carrying diseases such as Hantavirus. A professional exterminator knows the best way to deal with each type of pest, and has the experience and the equipment to do so.

6. Effectiveness
Not only are the pesticides used by a professional exterminator safer, they are more effective. A professional pest control company uses pesticides that last at least 60 days, as opposed to the over-the-counter solutions that last a maximum of 30 days.

7. Health
Bugs and rodents leave behind filth, much of it unseen, as well as harboring diseases and create unsanitary living conditions. Various pests can carry several different pathogens and spread them around, causing potential health problems from their waste products. Eliminating these pests through a professional exterminating company ensures that your house will be cleaner as well as safer.

8. ‘Green’ options are available.
You can be environmentally-friendly with your pest removal as non-chemical options are available. A professional exterminator will work with you to achieve a “green option”  level of pest prevention that has a reduced risk to both you and the environment.

These are only few of many reasons you should hire a trained professional exterminator to deal with your pest control needs. Blue Chip Pest Control has been serving the pest control needs to commercial and residential clients in the St. Louis area for generations. As the first company in Missouri to be certified as Quality Pro by the National Pest Management Association, their trained professionals are held to the highest standards in the industry, reflected in both technology ans service.

When looking for an exterminator, let the professionals Blue Chip Pest Control serve your pest control needs! Contact them today for more information on taking your home back from pests!


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