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Symptoms of a Deer Mouse Infestation

Rodents are one of the most common pests to invade a home, making rodent control and animal removal an important part of keeping a home safe for those who live there. While many rodents can appear cute, the deer mouse is often considered one of the cutest rodents. With big ears and wide eyes, the deer mouse looks somewhat like a cartoon version of the more common house mouse. But while the deer mouse may be cute, it is not something that anyone wants living in their home. This is not only due to the deer mouse causing damage by chewing through walls and disturbing food, but deer mice can reproduce rapidly and are common disease carriers.


Deer mice are the most common carriers among all rodents of the Hantavirus, which is one of the most serious illnesses carried by any rodent. The Hantavirus causes breathing problems, has no known cure and can be fatal. This is just one of the many reasons that mouse infestations need prompt attention to eradicate the mice and thorough cleaning to make certain that the home or other building is safe. In order to keep his or her home safe, it is important for a homeowner to know the signs of a deer mouse infestation and to take prompt action to remove the mice through a mouse control and animal removal plan.

Deer mice are generally nocturnal and wary of human activity making it difficult to know when mouse control services are needed. However, the mice may be heard at night moving through walls or over ceilings. In most cases, the first sign of the presence of a deer mouse will be droppings found on the floor, in drawers or under sinks. Chewed openings in walls, under cabinets and into cardboard boxes can also be a sign on an infestation and an indication of the need for rodent control services. Deer mice are most likely to enter homes during the winter months as the mice must work harder to find food and warmth to survive through the cold winter months.

Deer mice are most common in rural and suburban areas as these rodents naturally live in open and brushy areas. However, deer mice can also adapt to urban areas and may be found anywhere. For this reason, all homeowners should periodically inspect unused areas of their home in order to identify any rodent control needs that they may have. This inspection should include looking at areas such as attics, basements and crawlspaces for signs of an infestation that may not be noticeable in the living areas of the home. Homowners can also choose to hire an exterminator to perform routine inspections and other mouse control and other animal removal services.

Homeowners who believe that they have an infestation of deer mice, or other pest problems, should contact Blue Chip Pest Control in St. Louis. Blue Chip has years of experience in providing animal removal, mouse control and other rodent control and other related services.

Blue Chip is your premier wildlife control Company in St. Charles County

Tips For Choosing a wildlife control provider in St. CharlesĀ 

Why some animals require animal control

The majority of animals we see outside are harmless, and even attractive and pleasing to the eye. However, animal control services exist because not all animals are welcome. those that you see outside your business or home that make every effort to destroy your land, bite your clients, and invade your home are nothing more than nuisances.

Besides the property damage they can lead to, if they are not kept under control, animals can easily lead to a wider variety of diseases than many of the insects that exterminators are frequently called to deal with.

Options for St. Charles wildlife control

This is precisely why it is to your benefit to contact Blue Chip for all of your animal control needs. Blue Chip specialize in finding, trapping, and taking out the wildlife that would otherwise bring harm and destruction to your home or business. Blue Chip also provides a range of exclusion services to keep new animals from following up where the old ones they got rid of left off.

Features of quality animal control services

Unlike most other options for St. Charles wildlife control, Blue Chip makes use of infrared images. This means they can literally look through insulation, floors, and walls to locate the wildlife issues that may be missed by the majority of other companies.

When it comes to trap setting, many do not know that it is a legal requirement to monitor traps every day in order to make sure that animals are not caught and left to die within them. This is why, unlike other options for St. Charles wildlife control, Blue Chip makes sure its trap installations come with cellular monitoring.

What this means is that you can monitor your traps from a distance, and don’t have to either make the trek out to check all of your traps every single day that they are in operation, or pay someone else to do so for you. You simply check your monitoring system and you will know in an instant if you have any critters in your traps.

Finally, when you use Blue Chip, you don’t get the mystery price game or the runaround. You get their prices right over the phone, which means you know what you’re getting into from the start. They even send a specialist versed in your particular animal issues to your home or business location immediately. You won’t get a salesperson who will try to upsell you on this or that, as if you’ve got an animal problem, you simply want it gone. Blue Chip gets that.

Pest Control

Finally, while it is certainly important to focus on wildlife control, it is important to remember that pest control should not be neglected either. Whether one is dealing with roaches, ants, rodents, ticks, silverfish, mosquitoes, centipedes, or other crawlers, it is essential to have professionals experienced in local pest control.

When it comes to pest control, just as when it comes to animal control, your premier company for St. Charles wildlife control is Blue Chip.

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