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Protecting Your Home Against Overwintering Pests

Simple Steps to Prevent Pests

Many pests such as lady bugs will invade your home in the wintertime to avoid cold temperatures. The box elder bug also is a common home invader that requires effective pest control. Insects instinctively seek warm shelter to survive ice and snow. Because of the loss of natural habitats for insects, many pests will enter homes instead of trees. Homeowners must have a plan in place during early autumn to prevent and eliminate pests from buildings. There are several simple steps that individuals can use to discourage insects from invading a home. In addition to using natural home remedies to control insects, you can also hire an expert in pest control.

Stinkbug Invasions

The box elder bug thrives on particular species of trees such as the ash or maple. The main food of this species is the seeds of trees. This insect is easy to identify due to the red markings on its abdomen and wings against a dark brown or black background. A common nickname for this insect is stinkbug because of the strong odor it emits when sensing danger. The odor derives from a chemical in its body that causes it to taste bad to predators. The horrible smell created by numerous insects of this species is the main reason homeowners want to prevent it from entering homes.

Beetle Pests

Lady bugs are a tiny beetle that typically has a bright body color such as red, orange or yellow with black speckles. However, there are species of this insect that have a neutral color such as brown with white spots. Most people consider this insect helpful because it consumes dangerous insects from fields, orchards or gardens. If the population of this insect increases too much, it will begin to consume plants instead of aphids. When this happens, crops and produce are in danger of total destruction.

Insect Swarms

In early autumn, both types of insects will swarm into buildings to begin seeking shelter for the winter. The pests will find places to hide and nest during cold temperatures. However, when homeowners turn on furnaces, the nymphs often hatch due to an automated body response that indicates it is springtime. This may be the first time that homeowners are aware of an invasion by the box elder bug and lady bugs. Numerous insects can cause odor from chemical emissions and excrement. Sensitive individuals may have allergic reactions such as respiratory distress or watery eyes.

Pest Control

Filling small crevices on the exterior of a building is necessary to avoid overwintering insects from entering your home. You can buy inexpensive caulking to fill holes around utility pipes, window frames and outlets. Homeowners must also inspect roofing, eaves and foundations for entry points that require closure. In addition, repair or replace screens on windows and doors to prevent insects from entering. Residents of St. Louis can contact Blue Chip Pest Control to hire professional technicians who can apply insecticides to prevent or eliminate the box elder bug and lady bugs.


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