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Now That Fall Is Around The Corner, It’s Time To Prepair For Rodent Activity Around Your Home

Every fall I hear the same old question, Is it true that rodent will try to get inside my house in the fall?  The answer is YES, but it may not be the reason that your thinking of.  Most people think rodents try to get inside your home because they want to get out of the cold weather, which can be partial true.  The real reason most rodents find there way inside your home is because the are looking for food and shelter.  Rodents will thrive during the spring and summer months outside because there is a bountiful food supply of insects and plants seeds.  Once the cooler months arrive, the plant overgrowth that was home to so many insects and the rodent dies off, the rodent has now lost it’s ground cover, it home and food sources.  So, the reason rodents tend to find there way inside during the fall is really survival instinct that all animals have.  The change of it’s natural habitat makes the rodent look for a new food source and shelter.  Unfortunately for us,  our home might just be steps away from where they had thrived all summer long without us even knowing they were there.

How can you prevent them from getting into your home?  This is were it can get tricky.  There is no 100% fool proof way to keep them gaining entry, but the closest thing to 100% is to be proactive by setting bait traps outside your home along the foundation.  Having bait station outside along your foundation will feed and kill any rodent that consumes the rodenticide inside the station.  At Blue Chip Pest Services, we have several pest eliminating programs that include the cleaning, monitoring and baiting of these exterior bait stations that will help prevent the odds of a rodent getting into your home.

Exterior Bait Station

Exterior Bait Station

Our Blue Chip retail stores also carry products for the D.I.Y.’ers, that include the heavy-duty exterior stations and bait that you will need to refill them.

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