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Here Come The Lady Bugs

How To Handle Overwintering Pests Like the Lady Bug

With the fall season just around the corner, it won’t be long now until the Lady Bugs try to find a safe place to hide and over-wintering during our cooler months.  Yes, I realize its’s still over 65 degrees, but if you wait until they are a problem, you may have already lost the battle.  When preventing any over-wintering pest, it is always better to apply the appropriate pesticide before they congregate on the outside of your home so that you can prevent entry into your house walls and attic.


How to pre-treat for an over-wintering pest?  First, the best defense if to seal closed any crack or crevices that a insect can crawl into.  If you eliminate all entry points, they simply can’t get in to your home.  For those area that can’t be sealed, spraying a residual insecticide labeled for the control of Lady Bugs (Asian lady beetles) will be your best option.  Focus most of your spray on the SW side of the home as this is the side that stays the warmest in the winter months and is the most attractive to over-wintering pests. Spray around all windows frames, doors, where utilities are entering the home, the underside of the last piece of siding, the corners of the home that have siding and even the eves if necessary.  It’s better to treat too many areas than not enough.

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