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Going To A Pumpkin Farm? Don’t Blindly Reach Into The Container Of Pumpkins ….

OK,  before you continue to read this blog, let me just say the odds of what I’m about to tell you is low, but none the less, it is true and has happened to someone in the past.  As most people know, St. Louis pumpkins are harvested before the Halloween season approaches and are stored somewhere on the farm in a container of some type.  Well, this allows things (things that crawl or slither) to find their way into these boxes for shelter.

Yes, you probably get were I’m going with this, but it’s true.  People have found all types of snakes (mostly Black Rat snakes), all kinds of spiders (even Brown Recluse) and a variety of insects (too many to be specific) inside these stored containers.  So, before you start to blindly reach into the container of pumpkins to find that perfect one, take a look where your hands are going to touching.  You might just be surprised what is looking up at you.  Happy Halloween.

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