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How Can I Tell if I Have A Brown Recluse Spider in My Home?

Brown recluse spiders are one of the few venomous species of spider found in the United States. Though the spiders are not aggressive and their bites are rarely deadly, their venom can cause pain, disfiguring ulcers, and multiple unpleasant symptoms and complications, including necrosis and gangrene in some severe cases. The brown recluse spider is found in the Midwestern and south-east parts of America, and is common in St. Louis, where spider removal is a necessary part of home ownership. If you think you may have an infestation of this dangerous spider that could require pest control, here are some ways to identify this venomous species.

The brown recluse spider has several unique and unusual characteristics that make them easier for a non-expert to identify. Like their name suggests, brown recluses are shy, and like to live in secluded, dry places that don’t get disturbed very often. This makes them a potential hazard in closets, attics, guest room, or any little-used space that mimics the natural habitat they seek in the wild. Because they are often hidden, or in hard to reach places, these spiders often require expert pest control in cases of infestation. Brown recluses are hunting spiders, which means that they primarily catch insect prey outside of their webs. As a result, they are not great web weavers, and rather than the signature hexagonal shape, their webs are scrappy, with no clearly defined construction. They are nocturnal and mostly come out at night to hunt; brown recluses also feed on dead insects that they find.

If it is safe to get close enough to see, brown recluses also have a number of physical features that make them easily recognizable. Unlike many spiders, who have eight eyes, brown recluses have six, arranged in three pairs. Brown recluses come in colors anywhere from pale tan to dark gray-brown, but all of them have a distinctive fiddle shaped mark on their backs, with the neck of the ‘fiddle’ pointing towards their rear, giving them the common name of fiddleback or violin spider. They have long slender legs, generally long enough to encircle the area of a large coin.

Though the bite of a brown recluse spider is venomous, there is no reason for this spider to cause you worry. Infestations can often be hard to remove on your own, especially if the spider nests contain egg sacs or baby spiders. Fortunately, Blue Chip Pest Control offers expert spider removal for brown recluse spider infestations to Chesterfield and the surrounding areas. Hiring experienced spider removal experts ensures that the entire infestation will be permanently and effectively dealt with, without exposing you or your family to the potential of life-threatening bites. Though a homeowners pest control resources are often limited to a can of bug spray and a vacuum, spider removal technicians have access to a variety of pest control techniques that not only safely remove harmful spiders, but also prevent them from coming back.

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