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Stop A Rodent Infestation Before It Starts

A guide to rodent prevention in St. Louis

Few pests are feared as much as mice and rats, and with good reason! They spread deadly diseases and once in your home, will continue to forage for food in every space until they’re caught. Sometimes, you don’t even know they’re in your house until you see the tell-tale signs of droppings.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, these rodents spread more than 35 diseases both directly (through droppings or bites) and indirectly (from the ticks and fleas that can feed on diseased rodents).

Rodent prevention for your home or business

Keeping rodents out of your house and away from your yard or property takes some vigilance, but a bit of prevention will help to ensure that these pests don’t enter your home.

  • Shut them out where they come in. The easiest way to make sure mice and rats stay out of your home is to seal all holes. Mice and rats have soft bodies that allow them to squeeze into any small space. Rats can get enter spaces the size of a quarter and some mice can enter homes with cracks that are smaller than a dime! Think of the perimeter of your house and how many cracks, gaps and crevices there may be—both inside and outside. There are not only foundations, basements and attic spaces to consider, but also crawl spaces, cabinets, and doors. Seal these spaces with simple items that you can buy from the hardware store.
  • Remove food sources. Rodents find homes and businesses to be comfortable. They are temperate areas and that are usually filled with food. Once they enter your house, these pests will have no incentive to leave. If you keep food out on your counter or in cabinets or pantry areas, be sure that they’re in sturdy plastic containers with closely-fitting lids. If you spill food anywhere in the house, clean it up immediately. Rats and mice also will try to enter indoor and outdoor garbage cans, so make sure that garbage is well covered.
  • Eliminate nesting sites. Outdoor nesting sites that are close to your home will be an invitation for rodent pests. Rats and mice will nest in any area with logs around, so remove wood and lumber piles that are around your property. Also remove recyclables that haven’t been washed or rinsed out. They can nest in unused outdoor furniture, too. Rodents will attempt to climb into outdoor garbage, so keep containers a foot or more off the ground and cover them tightly.

If you find that rodents have entered your house and are a real problem, call Blue Chip Pest Control in St. Louis. We can send a technician out to evaluate your home and yard to see how rats and mice are coming into your house, as well as trapping and removing these all-season pests.

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