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Are You Afraid Spiders Might Bite You….

Did you know that most suspected bites didn’t come from a spider at all.  Here an interesting article about spider bites. In short, most spider bites are either from fleas, insects, infections, or skin reactions to chemicals. Either way, most people find spiders creepy and would rather they live outside their home. If you notice a spider nest in your basement, garage or attic, call Blue Chip Pest Control and we will have one of highly trained technicians remove them safely and

Dangers of Moles to Your Yard

Nuisance Animals

Wildlife will occasionally move to the lawn of a home creating a nuisance by digging holes or tunnels. In addition, wildlife animals carry fleas, ticks and worms that are transmitted to pets or humans. Home and business owners can contact mole control St. Louis, professional exterminators to eliminate pest animals.

Dangers from Moles

A mole is a furry mammal with a cylinder shaped body that lives under the ground. This small animal digs elaborate tunnels and dens in lawns, gardens or fields with its strong front legs. This mammal has adapted to scurrying through narrow tunnels in the soil while destroying the roots of grass and other plants. Weeds also will grow faster in an area infested with a mole’s tunnels and dens.

Evidence of a Mole Infestation

Individuals may notice lumps of dirt or molehills in grassy areas near a home or business that a mole creates by kicking dirt out of a tunnel with its hind legs. Because the soil of a yard has received a massive amount of damage from this animal, water drainage from rain is often poor. Homeowners may notice pooling of water in a yard that can cause problems with a building’s foundation, cellar or basement.

Additional Concerns

The tunneling and dens from the animals burrowing weakens the structure of the ground possibly leading to serious injuries from people falling into holes. Other animals such as voles, weasels, rats and mice may also invade the yard to find shelter in the tunnels bringing additional diseases and damage. Homeowners should seek the assistance of a mole control St. Louis, wildlife exterminator to get rid of this pest.

Expert Trapping Procedures

After arriving at a residence, a wildlife control expert will look for signs of this small mammal. The professional exterminator will discuss treatment plans with a homeowner before beginning the trapping process. In several geographic regions, particular species of wildlife are protected by laws that require humane removal methods. Wildlife pest experts know how to find animals in hidden areas with specialized equipment such as infrared imaging devices.

Specialized Equipment

Using these devices assists pest control professionals to find animals easily without destroying additional lawn surfaces. The trained expert will set humane traps at entrance and exit locations near tunnels to catch animals quickly. Each trapping device has state of the art cellular monitoring equipment to alert homeowners when animals are captured. After the moles are trapped, the pest control expert will remove the animals according to regional laws.

Find an Expert to Get Rid of Moles

Many homeowners will first try to get rid of mole pests with home remedies that waste time and money. Meanwhile, the moles continue to cause serious damage to a yard while breeding new litters. Contacting mole control St. Louis, professionals quickly is the best way to get rid of this pest. In addition to getting rid of the infestation of moles, the wildlife removal specialist can also make return visits to inspect for pests.

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