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Pest Control in Chesterfield

One of the worst discoveries that a home or business owner can make on their property is evidence of pests. Pests can be detrimental to the structure of your building and they are very unsanitary; they will also- without a doubt- drive guests and customers away. So as soon as you see evidence that pests are infesting your property, you need to do something proactive to get rid of them immediately. If you are Chesterfield, Missouri, you should call the premier pest control company in Chesterfield to come and remove every last invader from your property, whether you are dealing with ticks, termites, ants, or any other type of pest.

The Company

Blue Chip Exterminating is the pest control company in Chesterfield that you can trust. A family owned business that has been operating in St. Louis since 1959, Blue Chip has a long history of solving pest control problems of all shapes and sizes. With a staff full of friendly pest control experts and offering a long list of affordable services, Blue Chip is your one stop shop for any problem relating to pests invading your home or business.

The Staff

Every single staff member of this excellent pest control company in Chesterfield is trained and licensed to be able to deal with pests of all types, using both innovative and tried and true methods to eradicate not only the pests themselves, but all evidence that the pests were ever there. Training through this pest control company in Chesterfield lasts three weeks longer than the state of Missouri requires, as the company feels that they should only be sending the best of the best into the field. Each staff member is also specifically handpicked to be friendly and outgoing, representing the strong customer service approach that Blue Chip has always stood for.

The Services

When visiting the Blue Chip website, you quickly notice the list of options spread across the top of the page. Hovering the mouse over each one of these will reveal a drop down list that will bring you to a detailed description of each one of the many services. From removing bed bugs to protecting your property from mosquitoes, Blue Chip is the pest control company in Chesterfield handles every single aspect of pest control with the utmost care and professionalism. In addition to normal pest control Chesterfield, they even specialize in wildlife removal for removing larger than normal pests who have invaded your home- whether accidentally or on purpose.


One thing that Blue Chip has always been dedicated to is making their services affordable for anyone in the St. Louis or Chesterfield area. The company understands how detrimental pests can be to a home or business, and they strive to make their prices low enough so that people of any income bracket can afford to have their pest problem removed before it gets any worse. As the most affordable pest control company in Chesterfield, Blue Chip understands that if left unchecked, a pest problem will only become more expensive and detrimental to your property as time goes on.


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