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Dangers Ticks Pose On Your Home

tickTicks are small arachnids that constitute the subclass Aracnia. It has four pairs of legs when it reaches its adult form. Ticks wait for a host animal from the tips of grasses and shrubs but not on the trees. Ticks are an external parasite that infests the blood of mammals, birds, reptiles and even the inside of houses. Ticks are found all over the world, but they are able to survive and multiply in an environment that has warm and humid climate. The moisture in the air found in these places keeps the ticks hydrated. These small, tiny ticks cause a lot of pathological diseases that can infest the living organism, including humans. Because of this, many homeowners are on the lookout for the best tick control St. Louis.

Dangers caused by Ticks

1. Ticks can cause medical diseases that are life threatening and need immediate medical attention. These diseases include the following:

• Anaplasmosis
• Tick- borne meningoencephalitis
• Tick paralysis
• Ehrlichiosis
• Babesiosis
• Tick borne relapsing fever
• Tularemia
• African tick bite
• Rocky Mountain spotted fever
• Colorado tick fever
• Q fever
• Lyme disease

2. Ticks can cause damage to the house, making it not conducive to live in. Anyone can be a host and infected with these pests living in a house that is infested by ticks. If not treated, the entire community may be infected as well. When it comes to tick problems, the best place to go is Blue Chip Pest Control and Removal Services, a reliable and trusted company for tick control St. Louis. The company is well-equipped and has the expertise in tick removal St. Louis.

Most common sources of ticks

• Warm and humid areas

This is the perfect breeding place for ticks. The life cycle of the ticks undergo three primary stages of development, which include larva, nymphal, and adult. It requires them to have 3 hosts every development and would take at least a year to hatch the eggs. Female adult ticks can lay 3,000 eggs or more, depending on the conduciveness of the weather.

• Domesticated animals

These are the best hosts of choice for the ticks. These domesticated animals or pets have the blood that can nurture the growth and development of ticks. Most common pets that are infected are the dogs, cats, and birds.

• Inside area of the house

This is one of the most common areas that get infected since domesticated dogs live inside the house, which is the perfect host for breeding or growing ticks. It has warm temperature that keeps them alive. Most ticks can be found in the living room area, kitchen, and other places that have moisture. If ticks are found in any of these areas in your house, it is recommended to contact tick removal St. Louis.

• Back yard

Hatching grounds for the ticks. The grass serves as their shelter and waiting area for their susceptible hosts.

How To Get Rid of Ticks?

Getting rid of ticks inside or outside the house through tick removal St. Louis is the best solution or preventive measure to do in order to avoid getting the diseases that they cause. A lot of do-it-yourself tick removal St. Louis can be found in the internet and most people would do these things on their own believing that they could save a lot of money. This is an advantage that most people would want to take. But, this could be harmful for the house, community, and most especially to the people who lives inside the house. Causing more damage to the house or the infected area of the house is the least thing or most undesirable result anyone would want, and it does not guarantee that the house could be cleared off from the parasite.

Why Choose Blue Chip Pest Control and Removal Services?

It is wise and best to call Blue Chip Pest Control and Removal Services for tick control St. Louis that is an expert in pesticide control. Controlling this plague inside the house needs the proper equipment and less harmful chemicals that can completely get rid of the ticks but at the same time, safe for the house and for the household members. Treating the house that is infected by these mites would sometimes takes longer and requires more sessions especially when it has infected a wider area. Blue Chip Pest Control and Removal Services may have special offers or discount for tick control St. Louis that is costumer friendly. But at any cost, homeowners would always prefer the best for their houses and family members. Leaving it into the hands of Blue Chip Pest Control and Removal Services will give you the peace of mind, knowing that the problem has been completely eliminated.


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