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Dangers That Moles Bring To Your Home

Most of us put a lot of time and hard work into our yards, so when we see them torn up by some pest is extremely frustrating. If you have moles destroying your yard and home, it is time to put an end to it with mole control procedures. Mole control in St. Louis is available by calling a professional.

Moles spend most of their time on earth hunting for their favorite treat, earthworms. To do so, they use their large front paws, which happen to include an extra thumb, to tunnel all over your yard eating up all the insects and worms that they can find. You would recognize a mole if you saw one, but it is rare to see them since they typically stay below ground. Their eyes and ears are usually visible, but you would definitely know one by its protruding snout and huge paws.

If you care anything about your lawn, a mole is a huge pest. The tunnels they form can disturb young root systems, killing plants that are not well established in the ground. You will begin to see lots of molehills in your yard, which is probably what signals you that a mole is around. All the digging that the mole does will affect your soil, making it likely for weeds to pop up. When you see this, it is time for mole control. Mole control St. Louis can take care of the mole problem in no time at all.

Are moles dangerous? Well, since they live in the ground, you are very unlikely to ever see one. However, if you do see one, do not approach the mole. Moles tend to bite when they feel afraid or threatened. This is a big danger to your pets, because your pet may have the tendency to want to play with the mole. Humans and pets both run the risk of disease if bitten by a mole, so the need for mole control is very important. Call a mole control St. Louis exterminating company to get rid of moles today.

There are lots of myths around mole control and mole removal. Some of these include filling their tunnels with things such as carbon monoxide, water or chewing gum. Unfortunately, it is not this simple. For non-professionals, trying to treat moles on your own is dangerous. If you do have moles in your yard, contact a mole control St. Louis company to resolve the matter for you. They can take care of your existing mole problem and give you suggestions for staying free from moles forever.

Ants Are A Potential Danger To Your Home

Most people consider ants so commonplace that they don’t realize that they can be a real hazard. Even if the colony of ants is outdoors, it’s usually just a matter of time before it starts moving indoors. It’s a good idea to think of ant control before they start nesting in the clothing and moving into the kitchen. Some of them may eat you out of house and home.

Some ants sting and cause allergic reactions, vomiting or at least pain for some people. Even ants that don’t bite are finding ways to reach the food inside the home. They may travel for many meters crossing bird and rat droppings before they walk on the food. Carpenter ants are a serious danger to a house, and, if these are found, a professional ant control company should be called.

Ant control St. Louis will be able to find the ants wherever they are. Outdoors they will be under logs, in decayed wood, in crevices in brickwork, in garbage bins, in planter pots and garden beds as well as paved areas and lawns.

The main problems with ants in the garden are the mounds they make on lawns that can kill grass and destroy the grass roots. Another problem is when they infest paved areas and remove the sand between the paving stones making the pathway unsightly and unstable. Ants also help unwanted insects overrun plants. Ant control St. Louis will remove these infestations.

Carpenter ants don’t eat wood. They just hollow out spaces in the wood for their nests and weaken the structure. Ant control St. Louis has the means to remove carpenter ants without using toxic chemicals. Some common signs that carpenter ants are nearby is a rustling sound from inside the walls, sawdust on the floor or window sill and a trail of ants that moves between a pile of wood outside and the home.

Inside the house, ants are usually behind skirting, in wall voids, around foundations, beneath floors and in cupboards and stoves. Killing the ants that can be seen is not sufficient ant control. The trail they leave from their nest to the food source is called pheromone, which is a chemical that is resistant to rain and sun and lasts for a long time. If the ants are gone, the trail to the food source remains.

The first steps to take for ant control is to remove the attraction. Food should be put in sealed containers and the area should be wiped clean with a little liquid dish soap on a sponge. The garbage area should also be kept sealed and clean. Ant control St. Louis will instruct the home owner on the best strategies for chemical and non-chemical techniques.

There are more than 12,000 species of ants in the world and people never see most of them, but the ones they do see can be a real problem. The main ants seen indoors are the grease or thief ant, the odorous house ant, the pharaoh ant, the pavement ant and the carpenter ant.

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