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Small Flies Around The House? What Are They And Where Are They Coming From?

Do you have small flies around your house? Are you unsure of what they are and where the could be coming from? There are three possible answers to the questions:
Drain FlyFirst, they may be drain flies. These pests are generally found in and around bathrooms. They live and breed in drains which aren’t used very often. Many times we will find them living in a shower/tub drain in an extra bathroom of the house. Use a product called Draingel available at our Pest Control Supply Store after flushing the drain with lots of water and repeat on a monthly basis.
Fruit Fly Laying EggSecond, they may be fruit flies. These flies will often have a red tint which is from their eye color. They will most often be in the kitchen but can be found throughout the house. Things like fruit, garbage disposals, trash cans, recycling bins (beer and soda cans) and even potatoes which have sat too long can be sources for these pests. Traps available at our Pest Control Supply Store will help temporarily. You must find and eliminate the source of these to be successful.
Fungus GnatThird they may be fungus gnats. These often look like small mosquitoes with dark wings. They will be throughout the house, but they require potted plants for survival. They live and breed in the soil of over watered plants which have small amounts of fungus growing in them. Past or current water problems in a house have also been cause for these pests, and even wet clothes which are thrown in a bag or closet which are allowed to sit for weeks or months. Eliminate breeding sources by taking plants outside, or at least don’t water for a week, and aerate the soil to help it dry faster.
If you find yourself with one of these pests, contact us at Blue Chip Pest Control or come to our Pest Control supply store for a full selection of products for these and other pests.


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