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Pigeon Problems?

Do you have pigeon problem?  If yes, this is one problem you want to fix right away.  Pigeons are dirty birds that carry disease, pests and deface property all over the St. Louis area.  Did you know that pigeon fecal matter will actually accelerate  the aging process on things it lands on.  And not only that, the droppings themselves are full of parasites and quit frankly makes everything look like crap. Roosting pigeons can also harbor fleas, ticks and mites.  So if you eliminate the roosting area, you might find these pests looking for a new host, and that new host be you.

Controlling a pigeon problem is not a difficult problem.  Here at Blue Chip, we have successfully won the battles of man vs pigeon time and time again.  Sometimes it is as simple as having a structural modification done to eliminate the roosting area and in others, we have to had to implement a monthly pigeon baiting program to ward off all new comers.

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns regarding these pests at 636-343-7900 or go to Blue Chip Exterminating for more information regarding our service options.


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