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Clothes Moths – I Don’t Remember Having A Hole In My Sweater Last Year

Winter is here, and for some of you, you may found some unwelcome guests in your winter clothing.  Yes, I’m talking about Clothes Moths!  Clothes moths will and can ruin any type of clothing as long it is made of natural fibers, not just sweaters.  The two types of Clothes moths that we have to deal with in St. Louis are the Casemaking Clothes Moth and the Webbing Clothes Moth.  Now, does it really matter which moth you have?  Not really, they will do the same kind of damage that you want to avoid.

When dealing with clothes moths it is important to find the infested articles of clothing and remove them.  In most cases, the damage will be to great to salvage the infested clothing item and will have to be thrown out.  All other items in the same space as the infested item should be dry cleaned or laundered to remove any possible eggs or larvae.

What can you do to help prevent a clothes moth infestation?  There are several things that can be done if this is a fear of yours.  The first thing is to store your items in an air tight container or bag.  This will prevent any insects or other harmful elements getting to your clothes.  Inspecting your clothing a least twice a year will help find any issues before things can get out of hand.  Most widespread damaged happens over a long period of time, checking frequently will help prevent that.  You can also put pheromone traps in storage area that will help prevent and detect the presence of clothes moths as well.  The traps themselves will not prevent damage to your clothing but will make easier for you to detect them.

And as always, if you have a current clothes moth infestation, hiring a professional Pest Control company to solve your problem is always recommended.   However, if you are a D.I.Y.’er, you can try to tackle this problem on your own but I would strongly recommend scheduling yourself plenty of time and patience.

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