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The Damage Wildlife Animals Can Cause in the Attic

With the population explosion of both humans and wildlife, it’s not unusual to spot critters like squirrels, possums, raccoons and field mice running through the yard occasionally.  You won’t see the nocturnal ones too often during the day, but they are there. Real problems arise when they decide to take up housekeeping in what they view as an unused space in your home. Wildlife removal isn’t even a thought to the homeowner when the most likely place for them to reside is in the attic, undisturbed by human activity.

The damage that can be done by an animal in a short period of time can quickly add up to thousands in needed repairs. Wildlife removal is necessary to keep the damage from getting worse. The attic is a bad space to have a wild animal problem due to the extensive wiring that normally sits in these spaces. It is also an area that shelters roof supports and insulation.

Raccoons, possum, squirrel and field mice will all chew wood and insulation up to build nests to house babies. They will leave urine and feces on any of the material remaining. There could be substantial damage done before they are noticed and wildlife removal is initiated. The wild animals aren’t concerned if they are chewing up a floor or roofing joist. They really don’t care how much the insulation cost. Their only concern is to find a safe, warm place for them and the babies they plan to raise.

Damage by wildlife on home wiring is not only expensive to fix, but it can bring about a dangerous situation that can lead to a fire. Sparking wires and nests of paper, wood and insulation are a dangerous combination. No matter how cute or harmless a wild animal seems, it’s important to do wildlife removal if you find them in your attic. Leaving an animal to reside in this space could lead losing your home, belongings or life in a fire.

Check the roof, eaves and vents to see if they have been disturbed, dug through or parts removed. These are your first signs that there are wild animals trying to access the attic area. Doing a physical inspection of the attic every few months is highly recommended, especially if you live in area that is high in wildlife population. Take note of any areas of disturbed insulation, chewed wood or wiring. If you find a live animal, back away and call for wildlife removal service.

Be vigilant in protecting your home against damage due to wildlife. Frequent inspection and making entry into the attic difficult will minimize the chances of a wild animal invasion. Keeping a barrier between you and the great outdoors and doing wildlife removal from your home isn’t mean. It’s both sensible and humane.

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