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Detecting Animal Problems Around Your Home

Many homeowners across the local area who live in rural, suburban and even in more urban areas of the community are battling a wildlife or rodent control issue on their property. We do share our environment with many animals, but some animals can be a true nuisance. For example, some may cause Rodent Smear and Damagedamage to your property, and exposure to the rodents or their feces can result in serious health issues for you and your family. Determining if you have a rodent problem around your home may most easily be done by visibly seeing the animals on your property. However, many types of wildlife only come out during the darkened hours of the night, and others may be stealthy and stay away from your property when you are outdoors. There are other ways to determine if your property has a wildlife problem. Consider these points.


In many cases, you may be able to hear the animals on your property. Turn off the TV, radio and other sounds. Ask your family members to sit in silence for several minutes. It may be helpful to open a window to more easily listen for animal sounds. Listen for sounds of animals walking across your roof, skittering around outside and more. Some animals may chirp, chatter, gurgle, coo or make other sounds. Keep in mind that an animal may come and go from your home, so you may need to repeat this process numerous times before you hear animal sounds to determine if rodent control is necessary .


Rat DroppingsMost animals that spend any amount of time on your property will leave behind animal droppings. Walk around your property and pay special attention to the ground as well as elevated surfaces such as patio chairs, trash bins and more. Droppings will vary in appearance by animal, but they may range from looking like bird droppings to looking like small pellets and more. If you believe you have found animal droppings, do not touch them. Some droppings can carry serious diseases, parasitic worms and more that can make you and your family sick.

Signs of Property Damage

rodent gnawingWhile you walk around your property in search of animal droppings, also take note of the condition of your property. Many types of wildlife can be very destructive to your property. Some will dig holes or burrow into the ground. Others will chew on your vegetation, and others will gnaw at your siding, insulation, wiring and more. Some damage may easily be visible, and this is especially true if wildlife has been on your property for a significant period of time. In other cases, you may need to continually inspect your property for signs of damage.

If you believe that your property has a wildlife problem, you should take the immediate step of calling Blue Chip Pest Services for a pest control service. Many types of wildlife can be dangerous to you and your family. Many will bite or attack if confronted, and they carry bacteria, viruses and parasites that can cause serious health conditions. You do not want to attempt to resolve your wildlife issue on your own. Simply contact Blue Chip Pest Services today to schedule the pest control service that you need.


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