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If you live in and around the St. Louis area, there is a good chance at some point you will encounter some of Missouri’s wildlife. As we are close to the Mississippi River and several dense forests, the chance of coming in contact with wild animals is high. A variety of animals have acclimated themselves to suburban living, and this is a real problem for residents.

Pest Control St. LouisCommon problems such as mice, ants and roaches are easily controlled with normal pest services. The average pest control service in St. Louis is more than capable of simple exterminations and preventative control, but the occasional opossum, raccoon or squirrel require more than just a normal bug man. Safe capture and removal of these pests is one of our specialties.

Most of these animals move into populated areas because of the availability of food. Raccoons are notorious scavengers. Nimble hand-like forelimbs mean the common raccoon can open trash cans and spill trash in search of a meal. Raccoons can also make nests in attics and open basements to bear and raise young. Nocturnal by nature, these creatures can frighten young children with their noise and keep adults from sleeping.

Squirrels, while normally cute, wreak havoc on homes with their gnawing. As a rodent, a squirrel must continually gnaw to keep their teeth from growing uncontrollably. They will nest in attics and gnaw through wiring in a home. The damage to wiring is significant and the smell of a rotting, previously electrified corpse will be more than displeasing for the homeowner.

Other animals you may encounter in a home or around a home are opossums and skunks. Opossums and skunks have incredibly sharp teeth and will defend themselves appropriately. A skunk is more dangerous than the odiferous spray; they are the largest carrier of rabies in the state. Each of these animals needs to be dealt with swiftly for the safety of the homeowner, children and pets.

The average home do-it-yourself person is more than capable of dealing with ants, mice and the occasional mole and vole in the yard. These are more annoying than they are destructive so common applications available at home improvement stores will swiftly remove them from your home. The other animals, however, should be left to a professional.

A professional pest removal service, such as Blue Chip, will be well-trained and geared to remove certain species such as the ones discussed. Rabies is a very real and very serious threat Pest Control St. Louisto people and pets. Because of the unpredictable nature of a rabid animal and the general unpredictability of wild fauna in general, it is best to contact a wildlife control St. Louis professional.

Proper clothing, handling equipment, cages and precautions are necessary to safely remove and relocate, if it is possible, these animals. When relocation is not feasible or there is a question of safety, a veterinarian approved system is employed to put the animal down humanely.

We have three different locations in the St. Louis area; contact us if you have any sign, sound or visual of a wildlife pest. We have professionals that will come out and assess your particular situation. Wildlife that has become accustomed to living around humans are quick to adapt to a new situation so employing a professional is a wise decision. We have a variety of methods to trap, contain and eliminate nuisance wildlife from your home and yard.


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