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Take Action Now For Autumn Pest Control In St. Louis

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures start to cool in the St. Louis area, homes make very inviting places for certain pests to take up shelter during the fall and winter months. If homeowners aren’t proactive about protecting their property from pests seeking food, shelter and┬áhibernation as outdoor temperatures continue to drop, they may face spending the winter months with such pests as rats, mice, ants and cockroaches living in their attics, walls and crawlspaces.

Cockroach Removal St. LouisThe chilly autumn temperatures automatically signal to pests such as mice and rats that they need to find a place to hibernate over the long winter months. But when these unwelcome and uninvited pests take up residence in your home, family members are at increased risk of disease. Without taking action now for autumn pest control, occupants of a home can suffer allergies throughout the fall and winter months due to pest infestations, not to mention having them break into food items being stored in cellars, attics and pantries, contaminating items that you’ve spent your hard-earned money for.

Blue Chip Pest Control and Removal Services are the St. Louis area pest experts for helping homeowners pest-proof their residences against the kind of pests that are drawn indoors once food and shelter are no longer easily accessible out of doors. There are several key areas in and around a home that deserve consideration during the pest-proofing process. Hoards of ants and cockroaches can easily take up residence in stacks of firewood stored on the porch or anywhere near a home, so care must be taken to store it as far away from the building structure as possible and to carefully inspect wood logs prior to moving them to the fireplace indoors. Likewise, mulch should be stored as far away from the entrance to a home as possible as the warm and humid environment tends to make a great bedding place for insects. Overgrown vegetation should be cut back completely to prevent pests from taking up residence right next to your home.

Any gaps surrounding windowsills, door frames and piping, even tiny ones, can offer rodents and cockroaches easy access indoors. The professional technicians at Blue Chip Pest Control Services are experts at discovering even the smallest dime-size gaps which could invite an unwanted pest invasion. We can help homeowners identify and give advice on how to seal these openings so that pests go knocking on someone else’s door this autumn. Homeowners also need to take care to keep garbage bins securely locked outdoors and practice good sanitation habits inside so that food leftovers don’t attract an invasion of autumn insects and rodents.

Homeowners who may suspect that any type of pest has already taken up residence inside or next to their residences should contact Blue Chip Pest Services as quickly as possible. The faster our experienced technicians can map out a game plan for their safe and easy extermination, using chemicals which will not harm the occupants of the home, the sooner homeowners can have peace of mind that they won’t face damage or disease resulting from hoards of pests taking up residence indoors during the autumn season.


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