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Hantavirus in St. Louis?

Have you seen the story about the two deaths in Yosemite caused from the Hantavirus?  If not here’s the link Yosemite Hantavirus Death.

So the big question now is, Can people in St. Louis contract the Hantavirus?  The answer is year, but the odds are not as great as they are in western part of America.  The rodent that is responsible for the Hantavirus is the Deer mouse.  A Deer mouse looks a lot like a regular mouse except it has more of brownish pelt with a white under belly, just like a real deer.

What is the Hantavirus and how do people get it?  The Hantavirus is Pulmonary Diseases that is caused by breathing in dried infested fecal matter.

How can you prevent Deer mice from getting into our home?  The best way is to be proactive, put exterior rodent station around the exterior of your home to kill off an potential rodent before they have an opportunity to infest your house.  At Blue Chip we have several residential plans that have exterior rodent stations as apart of the regular pest control services or for the D.I.Y.’ers, check out our line of exterior rodent stations at one of our retail stores.

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns regarding these pests at 636-343-7900 or go to Blue Chip Exterminating for more information regarding our service options.


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