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Fleas Are Out Of Control

Have you been overrun with fleas in St. Louis this year?  Many people have.  Like many other insects in St. Louis, our mild Winter last year did not kill off a certain percentage of insects that would have normally died, had we experienced any type of a cold spell.  Once Spring had arrived (which was in March) the flea population had been given a head start this year.  Even people without pets have been getting fleas in their homes by simply going out to the mailbox and having one flea  jump onto their clothing and unknowingly taking back into the home with them.

Treating for such flea infestations have not changed in years.  Treat your yard with any flea labeled insecticide and the same for the interior.  In some cases, what you use outside isn’t always labeled for interior use, make sure to read the label first.  Some of the better interior products on the market have an adulticide and IGR (internal growth regulator) mixed together.Flea Control St. Louis

The IGR helps keep the population in check be sterilizing current immature stages so they can’t reproduce.  At our retail stores we two products with this exact mixer.  One is called Ultracide and the other is called Apline, both excellent for any infestation.  Just make sure you apply this in the infested areas in two treatments (about 7-10 days apart). St. Louis Flea And Tick Control As for you exterior, we also sell a pesticide that hooks to the end of a garden hose so that you can treat your entire yard, it is called Cyonara.

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