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Are Honey Bees Nesting In Your Home?

Here is a interesting link that documents the process of removing a honey bee colony out of a wall void.

The reason it is important to remove a honey bee hive is because of the honey comb.  If the honey comb is left inside the wall voids, it will melt and seep through the cracks or bleed through the dry wall.  Why will comb melt without the bees?

That’s because the bees regulate the temperature when the hive is active.  If the comb gets too hot, it will cause the wax to become unstable.  Additionally, it will also cause problems with the earlier stages of the bees’ life cycle.  That is why if you ever have to kill a colony of honey bees inside your home it is very important to open up the walls or go into the attic to remove the comb.

If this step is not taken, you will have open yourself to a very messy problem down the road.

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