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Why Are Brown Recluse Spiders So Bad In Saint Louis

Why are Brown Recluse spiders so bad in St. Louis?  I would like to give you awesome explanation as to why, but the simple answer is because Missouri falls completely into their range area.  Just like in other parts of the country, we don’t have to deal with some of the other bad insects they have because we aren’t in that range area.

The reason Brown Recluse spiders are so hard to get rid of is because of their reclusive behavior.  They will seek out dark protected spaces to rest.  Sometimes these dark protected areas are not easily accessible, and once a Brown Recluse finds a good resting spot it may be some time before they need to leave and hunt for food.  Unless they come into contact with the treatment area, it will not control them in the least.  That is why anytime you have a Brown Recluse problem, it is very important to use sticky traps in dark undisturbed areas of your home as a way to monitor their activity.  Good places to put sticky traps include under a dresser, under the headboard, in closets, behind furniture, garage and basement (especially above drop ceiling if you have one).

There is one thing I must mention about the Brown Recluse spider in St. Louis, this pest is very difficult to eliminate.  I strongly recommend to any D.I.Y.ers to hire a professional company if this is the one pest that you can’t get rid of.  This spider’s reputation is nothing to take lightly.  Its bite can cause serious damage.

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