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St. Louis Mole Control – Traps vs Baits

Which is better, mole traps or mole baits? This is a question we get a lot at our Blue Chip Pest Services retail stores here in the St. Louis area. Well, to be honest, I would have to say both. They both have advantages over each other, but when it comes down to killing moles, they both work.

The advantage of mole baits over traps is that they are very easy to use.  You do not have to mess with all the mechanisms of a mechanical trap.  You simply find a active run and bait it.

The advantage of traps is that they are more cost efficient and can be used over and over gain.  Once a mole is caught, you can reset it and put into a new area.  Baits can only be used once and they’re gone.

No matter which method you decide on, the most important step is to locate a active run.  Just because a run is new doesn’t always mean it is active.  Moles will actively dig new surface runs looking for good feeding areas.  If they dig a new run that does not produce a lot of worms (and such) they may not return.  The best way to find out if the run is active is to step down on one spot of the run and wait 24 hours to see if the mole pushes that spot back up.  If it does, then focus your attention on that run with either the mole bait or trap.  If  the depressed area never gets popped back up, then move to another run until you get the results your looking for.  Moles also like to follow structure like sidewalks, driveways, and plant edging.

And after all this you still don’t have any luck, call in the professionals at Blue Chip.  We’ll take back your yard for you.

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