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June Bugs (Beetles) – Why are they so bad in St. Louis this year?

June bugs, why are they so bad in St. Louis this year? Well, you can thank Mother Nature for this one.  Since our winter was so mild, the ground did not go through a hard freeze  and the result is more pupae cases of June Bugs made it through the winter.

You see, after June bugs mate, they lay their eggs into the soil were they hatch out into small “C” shaped grubs.  These grubs will then feed on the roots of grass sometimes killing patches in the middle of your yard.  In the late fall, the grubs will then pupate to ride the winter before they emerge as adults in late springs as adults to start the whole the process over again.

The adults themselves are often found dead below lighted areas in the morning as they are attracted to lights in the night.  The adult June Bug feeds on foliage and in some case of heavy infestations they can damage a tree by eating all the leaves.

In cases of heavy infestation, Blue Chip’s back-pack mosquito and tick treatment, can help greatly because we can target the foliage up and into most trees and bushes where the June Bug will feed.  Other methods of control for the D.I.Y.’ers, include using a granular product in your lawn labeled for the control of grubs would help greatly.

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