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Mosquitoes – Why are they so attracted to me?

April showers may bring May flowers, but in St. Louis they also bring Mosquitoes for the rest of the summer.  A common question that we are often asked at Blue Chip Pest Services is “Why are the mosquitoes all over ME?  Does my blood taste different, is it sweeter?  Is it my perfume?  Should I keep the lights off?  What is it?”

The answer is actually none of the above.  Mosquitoes are really only attracted to a couple of things, carbon dioxide and body heat.  That means that all things being equal a mosquito is going to be a lot more attracted to a cow than the average human.   Since most people don’t have cows grazing nearby to distract the mosquitoes, we offer some easier solutions to let you enjoy your yard.  This also means that beyond you and your kids, make sure to protect your pet if they spend any time outside at dusk as they can often be forgotten about.

Another common misconception about mosquitoes is that they are attracted to light.  This sells a lot of the bug zappers dotting yards all over St. Louis, but they are really only effective at attracting and killing moths and other night fliers.  Another common misconception is that they are attracted to certain scents.  Since they aren’t interested in flowers or foods, only blood, you can wear you favorite perfume.

People often ask us about the mosquito magnet type products.  These has some effectiveness as they use propane to generate heat and co2, but people will often make the mistake of putting the magnet too close to the area to be protected and end up attracting more mosquitoes to the area.  The other problem is if they are placed too far away then the trap becomes irrelevant.  It really is a very fine line as to where these should be placed.

Our next article will discuss some things that you can do to prevent the mosquitoes from being all over you when you step outside.


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