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What Are Some Signs of Termites In My House

There are several signs to look for when inspecting your home for termites.  Luckily for us in St. Louis, we only have to deal with subterranean termites.  Why is that helpful? For one thing, they have to make mud tubs from the ground to anything above ground that they what to get into to.  These mud tubs are a clear sign of termite activity.  If they are found, start by breaking a small piece apart, if the termites are still using the tub, they will repair the break within minutes.

Another sign of termites is when they swarm.  Only a mature colony of termites will swarm.  If they swarm in your home you will find the termites near a window ledge. Most people find the dead bodies or discarded wings along the ledge as they will die off fairly quickly if trapped inside the house.

And last most common way people find termites is when they doing remodeling inside the home.  Most people find the activity when walls or flooring is removed during this process.  It is very shocking to find termite damage when it may have never been found if walls had not been disturb during the construction.

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