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Did You See This Story…Fleas In St. Louis May Be Worse Than In Years Past

In case you missed it.  Fox 2 in St. Louis ran a story about how fleas may be worse this year than in years past.  Click the link here to see the story.

You know, this might be true of all insects this year.  Thus far, our winter in St. Louis has been almost none existent.  Let’s hope for the best, but when all fails, remember you have a friend in Blue Chip.

The article does give some solid advice about dealing with fleas on your pet though:

One way to discover fleas early is to go over your dog with a flea comb, which can find fleas and flea dirt much better than you can just with your eyes.  If black specks fall out of the hair you’ve combed, chances are you’ve found fleas.  The best way to tell is to shake the hair pulled out by the comb over a white surface.  Then add water to any black specks you find.  If those specks melt and turn red, it is flea dirt, meaning your fleas have already made a home on your pet.

Along with fleas, ticks are expected to be bad as well, especially for pets that spend much time around water.

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