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Missouri Senator Introduces a Bed Bug Bill

Here’s a link to the new Bed Bug proposal introduced by Sen. Kevin Engler.  For those of you live in St. Louis (or anywhere in Missouri), this bill would be highly beneficial for those of you who live in a  multi-family housing unit.  This is one pest that almost always has to be introduced in a home either by travel (luggage), second hand items brought into the home or unknowingly brought in on by someone (on their clothing or in their purse).  So with this in mind,  a bed bug infestations can easily come through a common wall shared with your neighbor causing you a lot of worried and stress fulled nights.

As we have mentioned in a previous blog, Bed Bugs are one insect I do not recommend trying to solve yourself.  So, for those of you who need this bill to be passed, at least someone is out there in your corner trying get you some rights.

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