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Wasps – An Over-wintering Pest

Most people do not think of Wasps as an over-wintering pest.  But the fact is, only new queens too be will survive the winter to start a brand new colony all over again next spring.  In the wild these wasps will find tree hollows or natural crevices to crawl up into to ride out the cold winter months.  Those wasps that  live in urban areas some times pick our homes for this over-wintering activity.  They tend find there way into attic spaces and chimneys.   At Blue Chip, we receive calls in the late fall from people who think they have a wasps nest in there chimney.  In most cases though, it is over-wintering wasps coming through the flue looking for a spot to over-winter.  In most of this cases, running a fire will force them to look else where.

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