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Storing Firewood Inside May Not Be Such A Good Idea

These cold evening temperatures mean one thing to a fireplace owner – a warm fire and a comfortable spot on the couch. Unfortunately,  this scenario may mean something different to the creatures who have made an overwintering home in your firewood stack outside your home.

There are a lot of insects that will use firewood as an overwintering home.  These can include millipedes, pill bugs, beetles, spiders, and even some wildlife like snakes and mice.  They will find cracks in the wood or crawl under a loose piece of bark and so on.  That’s why it is not recommended that firewood be brought inside the house and stacked for a future burning.  Once the firewood starts to warm up in the house those insects who were in a somewhat dormant state will also began awaken and become active.  This is why it not uncommon for people who have brought in firewood to suddenly see an increase in pests that they normally hadn’t seen all winter long.

It is recommend that you only bring in the firewood that will be thrown directly onto the fire.  Otherwise, you may be surprised as to what was hiding where you could not see.

On a side note, make sure that your firewood pile is stored either away from the home, or on a rack as pictured.  This will keep termites from using the firewood as a bridge to enter the home undetected.

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Family Finds Snake in Christmas Tree

Did you see this story on the news recently (video)?   Luckily for us, the weather in Saint Louis is much to cold for this to happen here.

The biggest problem we have to deal with this time of the year is a Christmas mouse.  With all the goodies pack under the tree a mouse could make its home right there without anyone knowing it was there.   A mouse could easily get enough fresh water from the tree stand, nibble into a wrapped box of chocolates or into a cracker, cheese and sausage box from Pepperidge Farms and so on….

Now that I think about it, maybe that is where the tradition of shaking the present  really came from.  It wasn’t that they were trying to figure out what the present was, they were really trying to scare the mouse out first before opening it.

Have a Merry Christmas.

Wasps – An Over-wintering Pest

Most people do not think of Wasps as an over-wintering pest.  But the fact is, only new queens too be will survive the winter to start a brand new colony all over again next spring.  In the wild these wasps will find tree hollows or natural crevices to crawl up into to ride out the cold winter months.  Those wasps that  live in urban areas some times pick our homes for this over-wintering activity.  They tend find there way into attic spaces and chimneys.   At Blue Chip, we receive calls in the late fall from people who think they have a wasps nest in there chimney.  In most cases though, it is over-wintering wasps coming through the flue looking for a spot to over-winter.  In most of this cases, running a fire will force them to look else where.

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