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Asian Lady Beetles (Ladybugs) – An Over-wintering Pest

Asian Lady beetles can become very annoying this time of year, as they need to seek out shelter from the winter cold or they will die off.  Most people who get a lady bug infestation tend to have light colored homes, with nice open space around there home for the sun to hit it fully.  Do not be alarmed if they choose your house to infest, as they do no structure damage.  Unfortunately, they can stay active throughout the winter and enter the house through cracks or cervices and become a nuisance.  

Once inside a void (you wall) it not recommended that any treatment be made to kill this insect because the insects can attract a species of bug in the spring to feed upon their bodies.  Once this new species is introduced, they can cause damage more damage to things in your home than the lady bug ever could.  Plus, if you don’t mind vacuuming up a dead bug here and there through the winter all the over-wintering pests will leave in the spring.

The best way to prevent them from entering your home is to make sure that as many cracks and crevices around your home a sealed tight with caulk or a similar material.  Using a pesticide around windows, doors, and in the eves will help as well.  At, Blue Chip, we use a pressurized power spray unit to apply pesticides in these areas to help limit the number of insects that are able to make there way into your home. And for the D.I.Y.’ers, our retail stores sell the materials you will need to tackle this problem head on.

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