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House Mouse – Prevention

How to prevent mice from gaining entry into your house.  This is a very common question at Blue Chip Pest Services, especially around this time of the year.  As I mentioned in the last blog, once it starts to get colder out and mice no longer have a good food source, they tend to look in areas that they hadn’t explored as of yet. Yes, your house is a prime target.

Preventing a mouse from gaining entry isn’t as easy as you might think.  Mice have some excellent survival techniques that allow them to access areas that we might not even think of.  For example, they are excellent climbers; they can climb up a concrete foundation and tuck under your siding or continue climbing the brick all the way up to your soffit area for entry.  They also have the ability to squeeze through small openings.  Any hole they can fit their head into the body will contort and follow.  So, with information in mind, you really have to inspect your exterior thoroughly to find any and all possible entry points.  Although, sometimes that isn’t enough.

So. let’s get onto the prevention part.  There is no such thing as a rodent repellent spray. (Note: if you are a chemist, you know what your meal ticket can be.) The only way you can prevent mice from getting into your house is to protect it from the outside.  This can be done with exterior rodent stations.  The bad news for consumers is the government has restrict the sale of over-the-counter bait blocks because some consumers failed to use them properly and therefore caused poisoning with non-targeted animals.  At Blue Chip we offer services for those customers who already have exterior station but can no longer buy the materials to refill them; as well as for new customers who want to protect their home for rodent issues.

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