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House Mouse – Exclusion

Finding all the possible entry points into your home may be the hardest part of exclusion process.  The single dime sized hole that you missed may be the entry hole, and the mouse problems can continue.  But let’s assume that all entry points have been identified, and we are ready to choose the exclusion materials.   One of the best materials made for rodent exclusion is steel wool or copper mesh.  The advantage of copper mesh, over steel wool, is that it won’t rust if used outside.  The reason the steel wool and copper mesh works so well is that when a rodent attempts to gnaw its way through the wire strands, it creates an irritant to the rodents gums.  Also, you want to make sure that you have wedge in the material where the rodent can’t push in or pull it out of place.

Another great material that can be used on larger gaps in hardware cloth.  Make sure you buy 1/4″  or less.  The beauty of hardware mesh is that you can cut it down to any size, angle or opening.  You can attach it by drilling it into wood or use liquid nails to attach to a concrete if needed.  Hardware cloth is very useful with any wildlife control.

Some people have used things like expandable foams and even some caulks in the past with mix results.  I’m sure in some cases this has deterred the rodent from coming back into the house, but in my experiences, if the rodent is determined enough to get back in, it will chew it’s way through the expandable foam and caulk.

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