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Mud Daubers … What are those mud tubes on my house?

Mud Daubers are a solitary stinging insect that commonly make mud tubes on structures in order to lay their eggs in and to allow their young a place to mature.

The Mud Dauber, believe it or not, is actually a beneficial insect to have around your house even though the mud structures are unsightly.  The mud duber constructs the mud nest to prevent other insects from preying on its offspring.  As a solitary insect, the adult wasp does not use this structure as a normal nest like a honey bee or yellow jacket would.  It’s only purpose is to house an egg within a single mud gallery and  trap a paralyzed insect (mostly spiders) in there with it.  The egg will then hatch and the larvae will have a fresh meal to consume.  After the larvae stage the  insect will go into a cocoon stage and emerge as an adult and start the same process over again.

Because they prey upon smaller insects, they do help eliminate some of them around your home.  If you are like me, and think their nest is unsightly, you need to knock down the nest as you find them.  There will be no swarm of wasps to protect it.  In fact, as soon as mud structure is completed, the adult will abandon the nest and start a new one elsewhere.

At Blue Chip, our technicians stray the nest exterior allowing the pesticide to be absorbed into the nest killing the larvae inside.  If you are a Do-It-Yourself’er, we sell products that can mixed into your pump-up garden sprayer at our three retail locations.

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