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Bumble Bees – Why you shouldn’t treat their nest

Bumble bee nest should not be removed, unless they are putting you or loved ones in harms way.  Bumble bee populations are already on the decline throughout the US, and as a major player in pollinating our plants, their importance is considered very high.

Although, once again, if the bees are causing you to be in harms way, eliminating the nest and killing the colony is justified.  The Bumble bee commonly nests in some type of cavity.  At Blue Chip, we have found them nesting in abandoned animal burrows, tree hollows, yard fixtures or decorations, and in wood tie walls.

Treating a Bumble Bee nest is not too difficult, but you will want to treat it just before dawn or after dusk.  When treating a social stinging insect nest during those times you will get a greater kill due to the fact that all the bees within the colony will be inside the nest for the night.  When treating the nest, using a dust application is the best material to use because it will travel better inside nest than a liquid.  Once the treatment has been made, the colony should be dead within 48hrs (sometimes quicker).  If activity is still present after the 48hr window has passed, a second application might be needed.  When using a dust to treat a nest, you’ll want to make sure you are getting a large amount dust directly into the nest opening.

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