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Bald Face Hornets

Ah, the Bald Face hornet; one of the most aggressive stinging insect we have in the St. Louis area.

Most people don’t realize they’ve had a nest on their property until late fall when all the leaves have fallen off the tree, revealing a large aerial nest.  Those who find the nest earlier sometimes find out the hard way; after accidentally coming into contact with it and being stung.  Either way, you do not want to knock the nest down until you have successfully killed the colony within.

Some people like to hang  old hornets nest in their porches or even in their basements as decorations.  If you have plans to do this, you will have to wait it out until early winter to cut down the nest.  If you try to do it any earlier, you may have an unwanted surprise waiting for you.   To ensure you do not bring any unwanted insects into your home, I suggest that you place the nest into a plastic garbage bag and leave it outside until mid-winter. This ensures the cold will kill any insects that may have been still inside the nest.

Now, if you are trying to kill and remove a hornet nest, because it has already stung you or it is located in a an area that someone may get stung; you should approach it with caution, and a good retreat strategy.   Hornets are one insect that hiring professional pest control company is usually a good idea.  At Blue Chip, our technicians use their power spray equipment to shoot a stream of pesticide directly onto, and sometimes into the nest.  The pesticide soaks into the nest killing the hornets over a few day period.  After the nest is dead, the customer can safely remove the nest the exterior of the home or can be left to deteriorate naturally if located in a tree as nests are never reused.

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