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How do I Get Rid of these Fleas?

This is time of the year that fleas really get jumping.  Even if your don’t have a pet you can still get fleas.  Unfortunately for us, wildlife that enter our yard can carry fleas and drop some off only to be picked up by us when we go outside to get the mail or mow our lawn.  And believe it or not, some people get fleas when a raccoon or squirrel lives in their attic or chimney flue.  Another place to look is if an animal had burrowed under a front porch or rear patio. Once we have carried a flea back into our house, the situation can get out of hand quickly.

The most common way people get fleas though is through their pets.  Any time a dog or cat goes outside they run the risk of picking up fleas that had fallen off of a previous host.   So, how do you control them once they have infested your home?  It’s a two stage process. After you have treated them the first time you will need to follow-up with a second application within 7-10 days of the initial treatment.  The reason this is important is because of the egg cycle.  Your treatment will have no effect on the eggs and therefore a second application is necessary to eliminate the new hatching.

How do you do the treatment?

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